Why Does Affiliate Marketing Fail?

Why Does Affiliate Marketing Fail
Why Does Affiliate Marketing Fail

Why Does Affiliate Marketing Fail?

Based on the research data, it has been found that a large part of those who start affiliate marketing stop their activities online within six months at the latest.

I will try to find out why the case is like that. Affiliate marketing is a relatively cheap and ordinary way to start an online business. It doesn't require big investments, and you can try it temporarily for free.

Mostly, stopping the affiliate bussiness, happens due to frustration of finding usable affiliate marketing tools, and to get them in use.

 After getting the palette together and starting affiliate marketing online, most people think that the money will start flowing immediately. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

I try to find out why affiliate marketing online is not always successful, what are the pitfalls, and how they could be avoided. Hopefully, I can show you that affiliate marketing is still an opportunity to create a successful online business, and its implementation is not rocket science.


Many assume that affiliate marketing will make money "overnight" Advertisers may give that impression, but in reality, starting affiliate marketing and creating your brand requires at least half a year before you get the first commissions.

When you realize that the basic work has to be done properly and you don't get frustrated that even hard work doesn't immediately bear fruit, you have every chance of getting good results.When the first provisions click into the account, you know you've done exactly the right things.

When the operating process is under control, it is possible to quickly get good returns by scaling resources. I'll talk about what "scaling" means in practice later.

The Fear Of Writing
The Fear Of Writing


Writing a blog is still one of the most important tools for running a business in affiliate marketing. Of course, the use of social media has also increased along the way.

There is no reason to fear that one can't write "cleverly" enough. You don't have to be a writer or journalist to be able to write good blogs.

It is enough to have familiar things to write about. When it comes to your interests, you are certainly good enough to write blogs about them. After getting started, the experience grows, and the content of the blogs improves.

The best way to write a blog is to be honest with yourself. In general, a relaxed and humorous text gets more attention from your page followers than a rigid and matter-of-fact writing style. Of course, you have to notice what your target group is like.

Asking for feedback from your blog visitors is crucial. I specifically mean the content of blogs here. If the content is not interesting, then the content must be changed to meet the visitors' wishes. With this kind of interaction, it is possible to find exactly the right products you can present to optimize the amount of commissions.


The crucial tool for affiliate marketing is a website that works and has enough capacity. Sufficient capacity means high loading speed, guaranteed by sufficient page capacity.

The ease and speed of creating homepages are also important thing.

There are a lot of website producers, and the difficulty, especially for beginners, is to solve out the real price-quality-ratio.

That's why its crucial to make good comparisons between producers.

If you can't manage the coding of home pages, it´s best to choose a producer whose overall package offers "turnkey" type of entity. The homepage is simple and easy to create and short to setup.

The worst is a situation where exist many problems with the homepage, and you should be able to fix them yourself. Time is money, and it is worth paying a reasonable price for functional and reliable website maintenance to ensure the uninterrupted operation of affiliate marketing.

Everyone makes a decision based on their findings, but if you want to get to know a website producer that meets the criteria,  You can get more information here if necessary.

Getting Traffic
Getting Traffic


Traffic is the king. Getting enough traffic to your website is a prerequisite for a successful online business. But how to get that traffic is a mystery to many. Getting natural traffic is probably everyone's goal, but how to do it is not that simple.

Mastering SEO optimization is the most crucial instrument in terms of getting traffic. SEO optimization is raising your blog posts as high as possible in the search order of search engines Google and others.

The most influential factor here is finding keywords that search engines like, and the ranking increases.

The solution for this is generators or designers. However, the problem is finding a reliable and affordable generator and knowing how to evaluate the results correctly.

Google offers a pretty good keyword planning program called Keyword Planner. Using paid traffic is of course an option, but there are also many unreliable operators in the industry. The fact is that you have to pay a lot for reliable paid traffic.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels can be utilized and blog texts can be used as a basis for posts, and thereby increasing the natural traffic to your website.


Once the homepage is done, its layout, technical functions, and help desk are at the required level, you can start producing content.

At first, the object of interest that will serve as a source of blog posts has been selected, for example, sports/sports equipment.

Blog posts are made in your way and interactively with visitors to your website. Visitors' wishes are noticed and modified. You've promoted products through affiliate links and got provisions.

You've used social media channels actively, using blog post content as a ground for them. The more blogs and social media posts are published, the more natural traffic the pages receive. Facebook and Pinterest are top platforms to make marketing out there. Pinterest is growing rapidly and there´'s a Pin creator and  Pin scheduling platform called Tailwind that co-operate with Pinterest.

SEO optimization and keyword selection will be taken under control and these lessons will be utilized on the blog pages. Metadata important for search engine optimization is also included per page.

When all this is done, the affiliate marketing operating process is complete. After that, the process needs to be regularly monitored and possibly corrected.

At the beginning of my blog, I wrote about scaling the marketing process. It means that when a working process is completed as I presented above, the volume is increased. We are adding blog posts, and social media posts and looking for new platforms where it is possible to market. These include various discussion forums such as Quara and others.

You should also try paid traffic. For example, Facebook Ads is a good platform for testing. You should start with a small bet, and if you get commissions right away, you can gradually increase the bet.

Affiliate marketing is an interesting and effective way of online marketing. However, many operators stop affiliate marketing after a relatively short time. Why?

In this blog, I have tried to find out the pitfalls that have influenced the decision to quit. As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but a fairly straightforward job, where the basic activities needed to create profitable online marketing are built.

There are few great Affiliate Platforms online which teach from the beginning to professional affiliate marketing knowledgement. If you're interested to know which is my recommendation, just try this.

I hope that I have been able to clarify those pitfalls I mentioned and made you believe that Affiliate marketing is a alternative to online business and allows you to create a functioning and productive bussiness with small investments.

Why Affiliate Marketing Fails